Marine Cove Playground

This is the playground in Marine Cove, East Coast Park which we bother to drive to. What was it previously? If I didn’t remember wrongly, it was the MacDonald and bowling alley which I often visited in my younger days.

We typically go to Marine Cove on weekday evenings when my busy hubby happens to be available. It is just too packed to enjoy ourselves if we drop by over the weekend. The photos below were taken on two different days because I felt that the place was brimming with too many running children and parents following behind during our earlier trip. Not a great day to take any decent shots as if my photos are fabulous. I am a beginner and will probably find a chance to improve my not-so-great photography skills. By the way, I haven’t utilised my $500 SkillsFuture Credit yet.

Anyway back to Marine Cove playground, I believe most parents with young kids would have already ventured there. I saw big kids hanging out after school too. It is after all the playground that caters to different age groups and children of different abilities, for all to mingle and play together. At the corner of the playground is the public toilet equipped with shower facilities and vending machines for drinks.


marine cove
The three-storey play tower located at the centre of the playground is connected to three slides of different levels and a rope bridge. Kids can also climb up the tower through a funnel net situated in the middle.

marine cove

marine cove
A haven for smaller kids to play at their own pace. I feel that the older children around the tower get rowdy with all their police and thieves chasing around.

I am kinda fascinated by this see-saw. The three balls act as weights that can be shifted from one end to another to help with balancing the see-saw. What a great way to introduce physics to children!
A swing with safety harness


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Before leaving East Coast Park, we would always walk towards the beach to admire the sea view and enjoy the sea breeze.

For those who have not been there before, avoid going before 5 pm as a large part of the playground is not shaded. But if you insist, please bring and drink lots of water.

While this mega playground is indeed a fun-filled place for the children, I prefer the playground at Pasir Ris Beach. I think it is bigger and shadier than Marine Cove given the thick canopy that covers the entire playground. It is a matter of time for me to write a post on that playground too!


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For the curious

I am using the Ergobaby 360 Carrier.

Most of the pictures were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. 


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