An afternoon with kidsRead – I read The 3 Little Pigs, the Wolf’s side of the story

It is just so typical of me, over-enthusiastic and overly anxious…. I joined the Parent Support Group (PSG) in my first-born’s primary school on his first day of school. Eh… I was heavily pregnant with the twins then. And I wasn’t quite sure how the twins would turn out, as in whether they will be […]


Generating Passive Income – Do I have enough? How much do I have to put in?

passive income

I was inspired to write this short post after meeting up with my good friends earlier this week. Because I am now a full-time mother, I grumbled about my lack of income and expressed my hope to somehow generate some passive income while at home. With some recurring passive income, I can spend on my family and on other frivolous items like […]


Book recommendation: Busy Wheels Series (in Chinese)

Busy Wheel Series in Chinese I mentioned previously that my children never like Mandarin. While it is hard to get them interested in reading Chinese or even watching a Chinese cartoon, I also find difficulty in finding Chinese books that will interest them. Perhaps it’s mummy’s attitude towards reading Chinese literature in the first place… We recently borrowed […]