Discovering playground – the updated Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden in the Botanic Garden

The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is now the most extensive children garden in Asia.

The site was previously 2-hectare big and was the first garden in Asia dedicated to children since 2007. After its rejuvenation in 2017, it is now 4-hectare big with one more playground, orchard, farm and classrooms added to the extension site. The existing facilities including the water playground and the treehouse remain intact.

Forest Zone

We spent a chunk of our time in the Forest Zone where the Flying Fox and the Suspension Bridge are located. If you are going to the garden just for enjoying this playground, turn left immediately after you cross the entrance. For us, we started from the right where the older facilities are. The Forest Zone was our last stop, which was great as the children could enjoy the tour around the garden with sufficient energy.

Our children spent a good 10 minutes jumping in this wheelchair-friendly trampoline before seeking out new experiences along the canopy rope bridge.

We balanced along the timber logs that led us to the rope bridge and the tree house.

The structure is partially sheltered by the canopy created by the surrounding banyan trees. The facility is very well designed and blends into the surrounding nature.

One thing about Singapore – look at the safety net attached to the rope bridge. I am truly grateful that Npark has placed the utmost importance on the children’s safety.  However, half the excitement is gone. This safety net laid so near the rope bridge has perhaps taken away the children’s ability to make some calculated risk. Or maybe I am the only dare-devil parent here?

We found a jackfruit that fell from the fruit and contemplated if we should bring in home. No, we did not in the end.

The Good Old Treehouse

It is still there, and ever popular. Smaller kids continue to rage this well-loved playground.

The picture below shows us many years ago when my eldest daughter was not even two years old.

The Waterground Playground

This is also part of the existing facility and still popular with families.

My son on the right when he was just 3 years old.

In the Learn Zone

Another new suspension bridge that is located just before reaching the Old Treehouse.

This is a fruit from the Calabash tree, which has flowers that are pollinated by bats. The sizeable ball-shaped fruit is up to 20 cm across and is traditionally used to make bowls and musical instruments.

 In the Grow Zone

The Potting Garden remains there too!

These 2 fellas started having fun with posing for photos while seated on these signages.

Farm Zone

We liked the farm and lingered quite a while here. We were pleasantly surprised by the many familiar vegetables such as beans, corns, ladyfingers, herbs, xiao bai cai, that are common ingredients used in our daily dishes making their appearance here too.

It was a very fruitful trip, great for our mind and body!

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Getting there

Address: 481 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259769

If you are driving, enter via Evans Road. Look for MOE Stadium as the landmark to find the carpark. If you are taking public transport, the train may be the best option. Alight at Botanic Garden, Circle Line.

Click here for more details provided by Singapore Botanic Garden.

Do note that adults are allowed to enter only if they are accompanied by children.

Bring along

As usual, we will bring along our trusted insect repellant* and sunscreen* to protect ourselves from bugs and sun.


Have you visited the new Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden already? Which part of the garden is your favourite?


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