A simple and heartwarming birthday spent with my loved ones


I spend my birthday without much elaboration every year. A simple dinner with my hubby and a cake-cutting session with the children.

I spent this year the same way, but somehow it felt a little different. Perhaps it’s because I have a larger family now, having my 4 (instead of 2) children and hubby celebrating the day with me feels exceptionally heartening and blissful.

Hubby fussed over where to dine and got me my long-awaited “Flow” magazines as my birthday presents. My daughter #2 started celebrating my “big day” 2 days beforehand. She painstakingly built me a lego birthday cake, only to be destroyed by her siblings over and over again. So she cried, again and again, we rebuilt my birthday cake repeatedly, and I sang endless birthday songs to myself in 3 different languages.

My son, usually the cool one, surprised me with a birthday card.

The pictures below say it all.

Dinner at Chikuwatei, one of my favourite restaurants

Dessert after dinner at Laurent Bernard

A simple vongole pasta for the family

My birthday cake from Yamazaki and the Flow magazine

My lovely family

Strawberry shortcake, I think I have the same cake every year. Delicious enough, no need to look for better ones.

My delicious-looking Lego birthday cake.

birthday cake

From the son



2 Replies to “A simple and heartwarming birthday spent with my loved ones”

  1. What a wonderful post. The food looks delicious! I’m especially loving that LEGO cake 😉

    1. Me too! Very sweet of her.