We went to the National Gallery for the Gallery Children’s Biennale

national gallery

The June holiday is here. As a stay-at-home mother, I must make a point to bring my children out to play. I am starting off the programs with the National Gallery for the Gallery Children’s Biennale (from 20 May 2017 to 8 October 2017). There are many artworks and programs available for our enjoyment. The following caught our eyes.

Gallery Children’s Biennale

The Obliteration Room

Created by created artist Yayoi Kusama, the artwork started off as a white room consisting of white walls, furniture and toys. We each gave a $2 donation in return for a sheet of stickers to stick them all over the room.  With the stickers accumulated by daily visitors, the room gradually transforms.

Updated photos on 6 October 2017

Firewalk: A Bridge Of Embers

This one takes a bit of guts if you have a fear of heights. An illusion of endless depth into the ground is created by mirrors that reflect each other. We felt as if we were walking on a bridge suspended over space.

Homogenizing And Transforming World

Orbs in this room are suspended in air. They glow, change colour and produce sounds when touched.

Click here for a multi-color photo. Didn’t manage to get a better shot as the room was pretty crowded even though it was a weekday.

Updated on 6 Oct 2017

Not suitable for those sensitive to lights or claustrophobic.

The Enchanted Treehouse

This is the treehouse and the slide.

Created by Sandra Lee, this is a play area for kids inspired by the idea of “walking into a painting”. With a slide constructed as part of the treehouse, we stayed there for a good 30 minutes. sandra lee

The National Gallery Singapore is located at 1 St. Andrew’s Road Singa­pore 178957.

Opening Hours
Sun – Thu, Public Holidays: 10am to 7pm
Fri – Sat, Eve of Public Holidays: 10am to 10pm

Most exhibitions are free for Singaporean and PR. Just bring your ID / student pass along.

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