An Adventure in Venice – A book recommendation and our travel memories

I found a children’s book at the National Library which introduces Venice to children via a story. The book title is Mimi and Piggy’s Adventure in Venice. Since both my older ones responded positively to the book, I am recommending it here.adventure in venice

The story is about two soft toys Piggy and Mimi who saved up enough money to travel to Venice, Italy. They boarded a water bus to go along Canal Grande to tour around Venice. Their first stop was the famous Ponte di Rialto, a stone bridge completed in 1591 which carries rows of shops and predominately selling food and souvenirs. The duo was separated when Mimi was lured away by the sparkling jewellery while Piggy drooled over food.

Mimi wandered further away and got lost. With the help of the locals, Mimi finally found Piggy who was busy eating sweets.

They continued their tour and visited St Marco’s Church, sat on a gondola and eat pizza in a restaurant.

This book is recommended for young readers between 5 to 8 years old. In this story, the author is also reminding the little ones to stay close to their family and friends when travelling. My children’s eyes also grew wide in amazement when the author mentions the city is gradually sinking, something that is unheard of to them.

I like books that introduce the world to children. See my earlier post on how we get our children to know different countries.

NLB call number for this book is English TAS, location is Junior Lending Picture Book. Buy The Book Now at The Book Depository, Free Delivery World Wide

This book brings me back to my 2011 Italy trip. We went to Venice too and were wowed by the beautiful city, glittering mosaics and colourful buildings. The food was detectable. Here are some photos were taken from our trip to share with you.

 Our memories

Canal Grande
St Marco’s Church