Introducing the kids to Singapore, her history and Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Thanks to the National Library, we introduced the kids to read books written in the Singapore context when we found the Singapore Collections tucked in a little corner of the children’s section.

1. Little Knights (LK) – Let Me Read Timmy and Tammy Series

Starting with the easy readers from LK for our 4-year old and 5-year old then, we followed Timmy and Tammy to places in Singapore such as the Singapore Flyer, the MRT, our ever-popular Central Fire Station that is opened for kids every Saturday morning, etc.

I believe we have exhausted the entire Level 1 and Level 2 readers. Level 3 focuses on Ranger Anne and her experience with the animals at the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Jurong Bird Park and the Underwater World. Unfortunately, I do not have any sample here as we borrowed all the books from the library. Click here for more information on her facebook page.

The large print and the matching pictures ensure the children reconcile their information received for a smooth reading journey.

Reading Level 1
Timmy and Tammy
Reading Level 2

2. Harry (Mr Lee Kuan Yew)

Singapore’s founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away in 2015. This Harry series was published to commemorate his life, courage, determination and vision for Singapore. My children (4 and 5 then) only knew about him when Channel News Asia broadcasted his state funeral all day long.

This series not only introduces Mr Lee to children in simple terms, but it also acquaints the children with Singapore’s history in her British-ruled colonial times, her days when the Japanese captured Singapore during World War II and Singapore in her early nation-building days. For the international readers, Singapore is a very young nation and only obtained her sovereignty in 1965.

3. What’s Inside The Red Box

As we all (Singaporeans) know, Mr Lee Kuan Yew always had a red box by his side. The box contained his work such as speech drafts, readings, notes, and it carried his vision and dreams for Singapore. The box is now a symbol of his unwavering passion and dedication to Singapore.

This red book gives the children a peek into the dreams Mr Lee had for the nation.

Lee Kuan Yew
He dreamed of a country where there are plenty opportunities, and with hard work, dreams turn into reality.

4. The Little Singapore Book

We hang out at Forum every Saturday as the kids attend lessons at Julia Gabriel. To prevent ourselves from the mindless shopping in Toy’R Us, we typically walked into books Ahoy! and spend some time reading there. As a result, we purchased many books from the store.

Other than the Timmy and Tammy series and “What’s Inside the Red Box”, we recently found and bought a new publication – The Little Singapore Book. The book is targeted for lower primary children and introduces the little ones to Singapore history starting 700 hundred years ago.

The book is divided into 5 chapters. I like the section on Singapore as a melting pot for people of different races, languages and origins living together in harmony, and Singapore’s own English peppered with words from different languages. The other chapter which I find delight in explains to the children the history of familiar places in Singapore. Click here for more resources provided by the Little Singapore Book.

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Do you have a collection of history books for children too? Please share your favourites in the comments box below.

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