Our favourite baby toys – 0 to 9 months old 

Many mummies asked for recommendations when they buy baby toys. Since we have accumulated so many, as in boxes of them, I feel compelled to share what our favourites are. The toys that I am sharing here are evergreen and have helped with the development of my four babies. The thing is because babies outgrow their […]


Discovering playgrounds: Tampines Green Forest Park

green forest park

This playground is definitely worth the trip from the comfort of your home. Green Forest Playground There are three parts to the playground. 3 three-storey tower structure comprising of three towers, a cargo net, a long slide and a ladder, another large playground elevated from a huge sandpit, and a fitness corner. This place looks […]


Discovering Playgrounds – Children’s Playground in Gardens by the Bay

We went to the Children’s Playground in Gardens by the Bay once when the children were younger. They were about 4 & 5 years old then. With improved physical capabilities and mental strength, they appreciated the playground a lot better this time round. Adventure Trail We were immediately welcomed by the Adventure Trail (meant for […]