P1 Assessment Books that worked for my son

This post is Singaporean parent-centric. I am writing this because there are parents asking for assessment books recommendations for their children going primary school next year. The first and third assessment books that I endorse here were suggested by the school’s bookstore when I first bought #1’s P1 textbooks. Having no experience in the primary school […]


Social Media Do’s and Dont’s for Parents

social media

Social media has surely made the world flatter, connecting loved ones across different time zones. Unfortunately, it has penetrated our daily lives so much that it has also presented a host of complications to relationships, including between family members. Miscommunication and misunderstandings can arise from a simple post or tweet. As parents, it can be a […]


Discovering playgrounds: Tampines Green Forest Park

green forest park

This playground is definitely worth the trip from the comfort of your home. Green Forest Playground There are three parts to the playground. 3 three-storey tower structure comprising of three towers, a cargo net, a long slide and a ladder, another large playground elevated from a huge sandpit, and a fitness corner. This place looks […]


Discovering Playgrounds – Children’s Playground in Gardens by the Bay

We went to the Children’s Playground in Gardens by the Bay once when the children were younger. They were about 4 & 5 years old then. With improved physical capabilities and mental strength, they appreciated the playground a lot better this time round. Adventure Trail We were immediately welcomed by the Adventure Trail (meant for […]