About My Chirpy Life

About My Chirpy Life

Hi, I am Melissa, the author of My Chirpy Life. After spending 16 years in Corporate Banking, I decided to put my career on hold in June 2016 to focus on my growing family. I have a son who started primary school this year, a preschool-going daughter. My pair of twin girls arrived in February 2017.

In Nov 2016, I started My Chirpy Life and I was already pregnant with my No.3 and No.4 then. My pregnancy was difficult, expensive and I was on bedrest for more half of my pregnancy journey.

You can read the start of my journey as a mum of 4 here: My goodness! We are having twins!

My blog is all about my journey and how I try to create a happy, healthy and fulfilling family life.

I am a nature lover, eat healthily and strive to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. I am now having fun with blogging and the posts will reflect what I believe in. Because I have a group of friends following my blog, I also write to share whatever I think they can benefit from.

A note on the recipe pages – Don’t expect to find stupendous cooking techniques. I am not a great cook, rather a firm believer in healthy eating.

p/s: some of the blog posts may contain affiliated links. If you are interested in purchasing the product/book I mentioned, I would really appreciate if you can make to purchase via the link which I have provided. This will allow me to make a small (really small) commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

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