About My Chirpy Life

About My Chirpy Life

Hi, I am Melissa, the author of My Chirpy Life. After spending 16 years in Corporate Banking, I decided to put my career on hold in June 2016 to focus on my growing family. I have a son and daughter in lower primary and a pair of twin girls who are graduating from their babyhood this year.

I started My Chirpy Life in Nov 2017 when I was pregnant with my No.3 and No.4. My pregnancy was complicated, expensive and I was on bedrest for more half of my pregnancy journey.

You can read the start of my blog journey here, documenting my complex emotion becoming a mum of 4 here: My goodness! We are having twins!

Post-partum, my post on finding a suitable confinement lady was extremely popular in 2017.

My blog is all about my journey as a mother of 4 and how I try to create a happy, healthy and fulfilling family life.

I am a nature lover, eat healthily and strive to live a clean, active and healthy lifestyle. Blogging is fun, and my posts will reflect what I believe in. I like to create content that benefits people to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

We have a penchant for fun places, especially free ones. Look out for my posts here free and fun places to go, especially playgrounds.

My most popular playground post in 2017 was the Tampines Green Forest Park.

A note on the recipe pages – Don’t expect to find stupendous cooking techniques. I am not a great cook, but a firm believer in healthy eating.

P/s: some of the blog posts may contain affiliated links. If you are interested in purchasing the product/book I mentioned, I would appreciate if you can make to purchase via the link which I have provided. This will allow me to make a small (really small) commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you.

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