An afternoon with kidsRead – I read The 3 Little Pigs, the Wolf’s side of the story

It is just so typical of me, over-enthusiastic and overly anxious…. I joined the Parent Support Group (PSG) in my first-born’s primary school on his first day of school. Eh… I was heavily pregnant with the twins then. And I wasn’t quite sure how the twins would turn out, as in whether they will be […]


What to expect from Primary 1 (P1) Orientation – our experience from the 2017 admission

primary one

It is so exciting! No.1 will be entering Primary 1 next year. We were invited by the school to attend the P1 orientation talk. 1. Program Outline Prior the orientation, the school had informed us to prepare a pencil, an eraser, a box of coloured pencils and water bottle for our child. I believe the children […]


My attempt to get my children to like Mandarin a little more (printable flashcards to share)

Like most parents in Singapore, I have difficulties getting my children to work on their mother tongue, Mandarin. They hate it. No.1 and No.2 are now in K2 and K1. No. 1 dreads his 听写 while No.2 says no to Chinese cartoons. “Yucks!”, she exclaims. Writing seems to be the trickiest issue here. Some children continue […]