Celebrating our twins’ one year old in Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

We were deciding whether to hold a birthday party for the twins and thought of just doing away with a party. Perhaps we would only buy a cake to celebrate with them.  We had already held 2 one-year-old birthday parties years ago, one in a chalet and the other at home. We catered food and invited relatives. Can we not do it again? My inner voice told me “No, it’s not fair”.

A Birthday Party in Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

So just 2 weeks before their big day, we booked a venue in Mainland Tropical Fish Farm and ordered some catered food again. With our laid-back attitude, we didn’t even bother to decorate the place or order any fancy cupcakes that you will see at most birthday parties. After all, the party was meant to be an opportunity for our family members to spend some meaningful time together.

We always cater from Chilli Padi, from our tea ceremony more than 10 years ago to our babies’ first month. For us, fuss-free simplicity and food quality matter the most, so that we can spend more time on other more important things like playing with the kids!

Many of us, regardless the young at heart or the little ones got busy with feeding fishes all around the fish farm. We need to buy the feeds though, at $3 per packet.

mainland tropical fish farm

Engrossed in my excitement, I forgot to take a photo of the Garfish, which is one of their prized collection. The photo below shows an alligator gar which we saw in the River Safari in the middle of last year.


The children tried their hands at LONGKANG fishing too. At $4 per bucket and net, the kids (limited to twelve years old and below) each caught a bagful of small fishes. They were allowed to bring these fishes home. My cousin, who visited the farm several times before, advised that the fishes would die quickly if we bring them back. Thus we decided to return the fishes to their natural environment before we went home.

mainland tropical fish farm

See my daughter’s happy face. The children absolutely enjoyed themselves and asked to visit the farm soon.

Something that I like here is a corner for the birds. They have a variety of bird species, from ducks to chicken to perhaps turkey?

A note on Mainland Tropical Fish Farm

The fish farm is a major importer and exporter of ornamental fishes and aquacultured accessories in Singapore and worldwide. They also specialise in landscaping services and carry a wide range of landscaping accessories such as fibreglass, fossil wood and water features.

Many have taken advantage of the spacious and airy surroundings in the fish farm with a rural backdrop to hold unique private and corporate functions there.

How to get there

The farm is located at 1 Pasir Ris Farmway 1, Singapore 519352. From Pasir Ris bus interchange, take bus no 58, 88 or 359. Align 2 bus stops after MacDonald at Elias Mall. See google map here.

Entrance is free. You only need to pay if you want to buy the feeds or try out LONGKANG fishing.

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