Discovering Playground: Pasir Ris Park

Presenting our favourite playground in Pasir Ris Park!

We go there multiple times a year, sometimes every month even though the drive takes 20 minutes. Now that we have shifted eastward, there is more reason for us to visit the park more frequently. With the lush canopy shading the huge playground and cool breeze from the sea, we often found ourselves losing track of time while running from station to station.

The park’s major refurbishment was completed in 2014. In 2017 or maybe 2016, there were additional installations for the park to be more inclusive.

For the Little Ones

We will be visiting this part of the playground more often these days.  Swings with bucket seats for the toddlers, maze for the little ones to explore, and a tunnel that enhances the children’s gross motor skills and sensory experience. Crawling through the tunnel may look like an easy and straightforward task to us, but for the little ones, it takes them some courage to brave through the enclosed structure.

A new inclusive merry-go-round and swing to allow children with varying abilities to join in the fun.

For the slightly older ones – the Galactic Zone

We see some trickier climbing structures here to encourage the children to use their limbs like monkeys! I believe climbing is an essential part of play, to give them an opportunity to work on their sense of balance or vestibular system. Once they conquer the fear of these structures and mastering their climb, see how they will beam with confidence.

By the way, she is wearing my pants. Yes, MINE and sewed by my mother almost 40 years ago.
A hydroplane with a spring attached at the base for them to bounce about.

Soft foam flooring fitted in the Galactic Zone, comfortable enough for my babies to crawl about.

On the hill

This section houses the most exciting part of the playground.

The rope tunnel provides a safer option for our little ones to hone their climbing skills before embarking on the more demanding climbing net.

A bridge structure that is made up of steel rods and ropes. This seems to be the most difficult installation as my children have taken the longest time to master the climb. The steel rods are placed relatively far apart from each other. Smaller built children may need a leap of faith to place their feet onto the next rod with minimum handholds available.

In the Middle

Right smacked in the middle of the playground is a suspension bridge typically filled with children on a weekend evening.

Behind the Galactic Zone

I believe this is one of the oldest installation in the playground. Built on a sandpit, there are 3 transport theme play stations for the children to enjoy.

There are a number of other installations such as the flying fox, rotating bars, rotating discs and musical corners that I did not include here.

With so many corners to explore, your little ones may need more than an hour to cover the whole place.

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Going There

If you are taking the public transport, take bus number 403 from Pasir Ris interchange into Pasir Ris Road. You can’t miss the playground from the bus.

If you are driving, enter via Pasir Ris Heights and drive towards carpark D or E. Click here for map.

Since the playground is well-shaded by the canopy of mature trees, you can begin your adventure even at 3 pm in the afternoon.

Bring Along

Insect Repellant * It’s a must! Consist of natural ingredients including essential oil, great for babies!

Water Bottle* Our new found fave, steel and insulated.

Facilities Nearby

There are restrooms, water coolers and vending machines for drinks and titbits just across the bicycle path near the swings with bucket seats.


Most of the playground visitors will be famished by the time they realise it is getting dark. There is a popular alfresco restaurant known as Georges, located 5 minutes walk away, that serves sumptuous local and Western food. Go earlier or call in advance to ensure that you get a table.

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