Discovering Playground: Admiralty Park

The children asked me, “Mummy, where should we go today?”. Their itchy backsides do not allow them to sit still for very long at home. So I replied, “Admiralty Park Playground!”.

The 7-hectare playground is huge, but not easy to find from the main road for a first timer. It is located right beside the Republic Polytechnic. We drove all the way to the end of the institute where the Sports Centre is located before we found the site.

There are 2 massive playgrounds with reportedly 26 slides. We didn’t bother to count. There were just too many slides and we couldn’t contain our excitement any longer. We just wanted to play immediately!

The playground is segregated into 3 sections – Junior Play, Adventure Play and the Family Terracing Play. I cannot pinpoint where the Family Terracing Play is as the slides are all built on terraces. For my own convenience, I will categorise my photos into Junior Play and Adventure Play sections.

The Junior Playground

I appreciate that the playground is situated in the middle of a huge greenery space. The entire Admiralty Park is 20-hectare big and is home to more than 100 species of flora and fauna. According to Npark, there are also monkeys living in the nearby park forest. Find a walking trail to appreciate interesting flora such as the Putat Kampung Tree and climbers like Hedgehog Rattan along the way.

admiralty park

See my daughter squatting as she slides down the roller slides. The rollers apparently hurt her butt. So she squatted throughout all the roller slides.

A non-traditional inclusive merry-go-round that goes round and round just by turning the green wheels. The little girl in the picture could get all of us spinning all by herself. There is also an area for inclusive facilities and a unique swing that can sit a toddler and another adult/child, facing each other. I did not take any photo for those facilities as it was too crowded and inconvenient.

A family slide that got the babies all excited.

Adventure Zone

Another super long roller slide that my girl advised is better to squat on.

admiralty park
This is a rather long spider bridge, bringing the kids from one side of the Adventure section to the other.
The park also features a flying fox facility that attracts a long queue. We didn’t have the patience to queue up for a try.

While the playground is fun, a lot of parents give feedback on the potential hidden hazards. A mother told me that her daughter previously injured her arm when sliding down one of the metal tunnel slides. The slide was steep and unevenly connected. It didn’t help that the boys got rowdy and dashed down without checking whether the person in front had gotten off the slide.

Thus I decided to sit behind my daughter to act as a barrier and prevent anyone from knocking into her.

See post on playground safety rules.


My verdict?

This playground has countless features suitable for children and the young-at-heart with varying abilities. It is really a must-try and one of Singapore’s best playground!

Going to Admiralty Park Playground

Park address: 31 Riverside Road, Singapore 730000.

Click here for Google map.

There are a washing facility and vending machine situated beside the Junior Play area. I would suggest that you arm yourself with insect repellant and sunscreen as I was welcome with a couple of insect bites the moment we arrived. Sunscreen is also a must as not all areas are shaded.

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