Relocating and KNT Movers review

Hi all, relocating to a new home is a once-in-a-decade experience, at least for me. So I thought I should record down my experiences and share with you all what we did right and wrong.

Packing and Moving our Possessions

6 weeks before our big day, we started to engage moving companies for quotes. They went to our old home and took note of our furniture and contents to bring over. Assessment by each company for the number of boxes required to move our contents varied from 80 boxes to 120 boxes. Therefore the quotes differed too, by a couple of hundreds of dollars. We went with the lowest quote from KNT Movers. See my review of them in the paragraphs below.

One month before, we started packing, and I targeted one box a day. Part of me already knew that we would not have sufficient time to complete the packing because the moving company previously estimated that we would have 80 boxes. So on days when the babies behaved and slept more, I tried to do more. Unfortunately, my children never take long naps. Anything more than 1 hour is considered a long nap.

I started with kitchen items that are non-essential and then the bookshelf. For important documents, we put them into the boxes that remain accessible when needed. This was a wise decision as we went to the doctors very frequently amidst our packing that we needed the kids’ health booklets most of the time.

Guided by KNT’s requirement, I marked each box where they belong in our new home. For our convenience, we also wrote down the significant items in each box for clarity and easy access.

knt movers

We decluttered along the way. However, having 2 babies at home means that we need to retain many things that the babies will use. Pressed for space, I told myself to keep the items that the babies will use and dispose of the things that they may use since a lot of times, we retain these items in the store and just forget them.

The right thing I did was that I packed my elder daughter’s clothes and some of her toys into boxes accordingly to ages when I reorganised her stuff earlier this year. So I only needed to label the box and wrote down where they belong to in our new place.

I tried to sell, donate or trash

I tried selling items in Carousel but was not exactly successful. If I wanted to get anything sold, the small pieces had to be priced low while the bulky and more expensive items needed to be delivered over for the buyers’ convenience. We don’t have time for this, so after a while, we merely donate the items away by requesting the receiver to self-collect at our old place. Things that nobody wants merely get trashed.

Continuing to pack

I gradually stopped grocery shopping to clear out the items in the refrigerator. For a couple of days before and after our move, we had takeaways until my 2 elder children started complaining about not eating home-cooked food. By the last 2 days, hubby saw that I was in severe need of help and had to chip in to speed things up.

Hubby did almost everything else

He managed the nitty-gritty relating to the renovation project together with our interior designer, Rezt & Relax Interior.

There were also the utilities to handle – telephone, internet, electricity and gas. Not forgetting our change of address, we went to the police post, notified banks, other financial institutions, schools, etc. While some banks could update our new address immediately, others needed 1 week.

Our experience with KNT Movers

It was a pretty marvellous experience.

Upon the appointment of KNT Movers, they came after a couple of days to supply us with some moving essentials, mainly a gigantic roll of bubble wrap, brown papers, labels, boxes and scotch tapes. I finished the roll of bubble wrap and asked for a second roll. They advised me to use the bubble wrap sparingly as they would not give me the third roll.

source: KNT Movers

Because we informed KNT Movers of our preferred moving date well in advance, we could take their morning session. On the day of moving, a bunch of men knocked at our door at 8.30 am sharp as scheduled. I asked how long they would need to complete the whole process; they said 2 1/2 hours. I found it unbelievable.

These guys are sturdy-looking, and they moved very fast. Many a time I had to ask and pull my children out of their way. They started with stacking the boxes on top a trolley. I think it was about 8 boxes per load and they wrapped them securely with cling wrap. Then they proceeded to bind and move our furniture, mattresses and our customed-made enormous study table that was put together in the study room during the renovation 10 years ago. We were so worried that they could not bring this elephant out of the flat.

One service we could have but didn’t utilise was the clothes rack. We could have just put our hanging clothes on the stand to avoid the risk of creasing any work clothes. They would wrap the cling wrap around the clothes rack too. So in the end, the movers use the clothes rack like any trolley.

Source: The Container Store

Amidst the moving, my helper realised the baby bag was not with her. We made a little commotion and the movers, like any SNAG, instantly helped to locate the bag.

And surprised! Indeed, we moved out by 10.30 a.m.

Source: KNT Movers

Once the movers reached our new place, they unpacked the boxes and other items from the truck and cling wrap. Each box was placed according to the location stated on the label. The mattresses were the only items left unwrapped. By noon, the movers were out of our new home. The entire process was swift and smooth with no surprises. Hubby was also happy with their service and found them to be efficient and problem-free.

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Unpacking was another nightmare. I am very grateful to my 70-year-old mother-in-law who came to help. She not only helped to take care of the babies, but she also helped me to unload the kitchen items! With her extra pair of hands, we set up the kitchen in just one afternoon.

My extended family also rendered their help by babysitting and organising the small items. All in all, we took just 4 days to complete 90% of the unpacking and we are ready to enter our next journey of our life in this home.

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