Digging dinosaur bones with my boy

My son adores dinosaur. Other than collecting dinosaur models* and books, we find opportunities to do things related to dinosaurs.

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I jumped at the opportunity to buy him a Dig-A-Dino set* when I found it in my favourite toy shop (B1-10) in Forum Shopping Mall. It was a fabulous chance for him to experience the fun of digging dinosaur bones and pretending to be a palaeontologist.

The set includes a plaster block with skeleton parts embedded in the “rock”, and digging tools to excavate the bones. Once the child digs out all the skeleton parts, he can assemble them into a miniature version of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Honestly, when he first started out with the kit, he did not know what he was doing and didn’t show much interest. We coincidentally turned on a television program which was showing dinosaur bones excavation. I pointed to him that he was pursuing the same objective and he responded ardently.

He spent the next 1 hour quietly digging for dinosaur bones. He was still at it when I brought my elder daughter #2 home from school. The 2 of them continued for another hour before we cleared up the table for dinner. The clearing up was a chore though, as the plaster powder messed up the entire table and floor.

He took another 1 hour the next day to complete the excavation. This time, I placed the kit in a box to collect the chalky mess.

We started to put the skeleton parts together. It was a little tricky for my 7-year old boy, and I had to step in to help him with the bitsy ones.

dinosaur bones

This dinosaur bones digging kit is a terrific toy, and I will most likely buy more sets for him to challenge his patience and practise his fine motor skills.

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