The Twins Are 8 Months Old

8 months

Our twins are 8 months old! They have picked up some new skills over the last two months. It is amazing to see how they grow each day. Again, like what I mentioned previously, they do not grow at the same pace even though they shared the same placenta.

These are what they have accomplished over the last two months.

Eating puree and gradually semi-solid food

I wrote a post on how they start their solid food journey. Click here to read.

Feeding themselves

Other than the occasional attempts to snatch over their feeding spoons, they have started to feed themselves with rice husks. These rice husks smell in their mouths and pose minimal risk of choking.

Signalling their desires

They lean forward to snatch their toys from one another, or to grab my legs because they want me to carry them, or to take my bowl and chopsticks while I have my meals!

They fight for the chance to go out of the house. I can only baby-carry one at a time. Although there are carriers for twins, I prefer saving my own back. Whenever they see me with the baby carrier, they signal their desire to go out with me. The one who whines the loudest gets to go gai-gai! Gai-Gai is a local baby language, meaning to go out of the house for a stroll or something.

Becoming mobile

They will be crawling soon. Each of them has their style. No.4 started with lots of cobra poses and subsequently upward dogs when her arms got stronger. But instead of lunging forward with her arms, she decided to put her head on the floor and drag it forward.

No.3 didn’t bother to try for a very long time, until one day, she decided to attempt a table-top pose, and she did it with just one try!

This week, they have advanced to a few seconds of planking and downward-dog, but they are still not crawling using their knees.

8 months old


Maybe it’s my imagination. I saw one patting the crying one. Can they console each other? Today, one started to object when the other snatched her toy!

Asking for my full attention

When they want my attention, they mean full attention. I am not allowed to use my mobile phone in front of them. They get cranky and scream at me!

Items in the photos

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Toolbench 

Parklon Bumper Mat 


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