Our favourite baby toys – 0 to 9 months old 

Many mummies asked for recommendations when they buy toys for babies. Since we have accumulated so many baby toys, as in boxes of them, I feel compelled to share what our favourites are. These toys that I am sharing here are those that I think help with the development of my four babies. The thing is because babies outgrow their toys very fast, you don’t need to buy two toys with the same function.

Read on if you are shopping for baby toys.

1. Fisher Price Tote and Glow Soother Elephant

(suitable from birth)

We laid this on the cot the moment our twins reached home for the first time because the 30-minute long music is soothing. There are three modes available – music only, music & nightlight, or nightlight only. We still turn the music on occasionally to date. However, it is rather bulky, and I don’t think it is suitable to take it on-the-go.

2. IKEA Cot Gallery Book

(suitable from birth)

I like that one side of this book is red, black and white while the other side of the book is colourful. Both sides help to stimulate our babies’ eyesight at their different stages of growth. The book also comes along with a mirror. The rustling sound of the fabric when touched simulate our babies’ sense of hearing. Today, our babies still play with the book as they remain attracted by the rustling sound and colourful design.

We purchased this seven years ago, and IKEA is no longer selling this. Similar cot book available here.

3. Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Toy

(suitable from birth)

Another toy that I bought seven years ago. I am pleasantly surprised that it still works today. The elder kids were enamoured by the toy when they were smaller but decided that the gadget worked better as their toy for throwing once they got older, i.e 6 months. There are seven classical melodies available, and the tunes are pleasant to my ears. Trust me; some toys can really irritate the hell out of you.

4. Lamaze Baby Gym Mat

(suitable from 3 months)

A colourful playmat with mobiles suspending from the connecting arch, the gym mat can be used as a baby gym that encourages our babies to grab or kick the mobiles hanging above them, a playmat that can be folded up into a cute house that promotes imagination and story time. The hanging mobiles include a family unit, two pets, a musical sunflower and a mirror. It was a well-used toy until our older kids turned 18 months.

Our gym mat is no longer for sale, and it is not easy to find something very similar as it has so many functions available. I finally managed to find one. Although there is no story-telling element, it is still a 5-in-1 play gym.

5. Lamaze Dog and Fairy

(suitable from 3 months)

I know, we have too many mobiles. Among the mobiles, the Lamaze Dog and Fairy are my favourites as well as my four babies’ favourites. Perhaps it’s their attractive colours, crinkly parts and big eyes that encourage the babies to grab for the toys.

6. Lamaze High Chair Toy Suction Toy

(suitable from 6 months)

The brightly coloured toy stimulates the babies’ sensory ability (visual and hearing) and motor skills. It also keeps the babies entertained while they are confined to the high chair. Your back will thank you in finding a toy with a suction cup to attach to the table because babies love throwing toys after they turn six months!

Updated model here.

7. KS Kids Block

(suitable from 6 months)

I got this set of soft blocks from Robinson 7 years ago. It is another set of fabulous toy that can last through the babies’ various developmental stages. There are a total of 12 cubes that are perfect for stacking. The five triangle blocks build logical thinking. Illustrations on the blocks include numbers, peek-a-boo, matching and puzzles.

At my babies’ current stage, I build stacks for them to destroy. This act of destroying the tower helps them to understand causality and encourage them to crawl towards the stack.

8. Mothercare Stacking Cups

(suitable from 6 months)

This set is my top favourite. I frequently recommend this to my friends, and I bought this time and again as presents for young babies. These cups can be used for stacking, pouring and scooping. All my four babies love the cups. Again, I stack the cups far away from them so that they crawl over to destroy the tower! We play these in the bathtub too. Scooping and pouring water using the cups is a form of wrist strengthening exercise. There are 8 cups in a set, each numbered and different colours. The babies get exposed to the numbers and colours and eventually counting. Nesting the cups create their awareness in size. I even brought the cups to the beach for sandcastle building. Best of all, it is very affordable! I will recommend this to anyone with a very tight spending budget.

For anyone looking for variety, this is a more fanciful version.

9. Fisher-Price Xylophone

(suitable from 6 months)

The eight keys introduce babies to musical notes. Using the mallet to tap the keys help foster the babies’ fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

10. Cloth Book

(suitable from 3 months)

I bought a few cloth books for them, but there is none that I especially like. These books are from IKEA, Lamaze, etc and mostly discontinued. If you wish to know how a cloth book looks like, click here.

I recently bought a set of Peppa Pig mini library board books for the twins too. However, I realise that the purchase is premature as the twins enjoyed chewing the books more than anything else. I took the books away to stop the babies from swallowing glue any further.

I hope this post helps with your shopping.

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