Discovering playgrounds: Tampines Green Forest Park

green forest park

This playground is definitely worth the trip from the comfort of your home.

Green Forest Playground

There are three parts to the playground. 3 three-storey tower structure comprising of three towers, a cargo net, a long slide and a ladder, another large playground elevated from a huge sandpit, and a fitness corner.

This place looks empty in the picture. We were lucky to arrive at the right time because it just stopped raining. Just before reaching, we were even wondering if we had to give the place a miss. By the time I finished taking pictures, more families had arrived.

I accompanied my children to climb up the cargo net as the mere sight of the tall structure daunted them for a start. The journey up was not exactly straightforward as it took a bit of our mental strength, physical strength and eye-limb coordination, especially for my younger daughter.

I was lucky enough to capture the blue skies before the grey clouds took over.

green forest park

The bridges’ interiors look like this. More balancing acts ahead for the kids to tackle. 

Unfortunately, the slide was still closed. All the children had to exit the structure via the ladder. With children of varying ages and abilities congregated around, there was a bottleneck at the exit point.

Beside the tall structure is another playground elevated above a huge sandpit.

Green Forest Park

And a little corner for some sensory experience.

As the Tampines Green Forest playground is completed very recently, the trees planted nearby are very young and do not provide any decent shade. I don’t suggest to visit the playground anytime before 5 pm.

There are a supermarket and food court located 5 minutes walk away. We bought some snacks and drinks before we started our mini adventure. You can find a washroom in the food court.

Going there.

The easiest way to get to Green Forest Park is to drive there. See map here. Otherwise, you can take bus 69 or 118. Both buses stop in front of the park.

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