Discovering Playground in Bedok South

bedok south

This is one of the playgrounds we like in Bedok South. It is huge and surrounded by lush greenery.

By now, you may have realised that we (or maybe it’s just me) enjoy going to the playgrounds. I firmly believe in the benefits of visiting parks. The greenery not only strengthens the children’s eyesight, and also calms their mind.

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I was previously very stressed and depressed for a while. Parks, especially sizable ones, are where I find solace in. And needless to say, we do not need to be reminded that the playgrounds are where the children exercise to strengthen their bodies, body coordination and cognitive ability.

It is also where I have a chance to stretch out my tired muscles and practice my flows. No excuse for the heat in the park, it’s free sauna to detox anyway. And the sunlight? Just apply sunscreen. I don’t see the point paying for access to the indoor playground while mummy sits around to read magazines or go shopping to spend more.

Bedok South Park

Back to the main topic, another pretty impressive park in the HDB neighbourhood. The canopies sheltering a large part of the park makes the place more alluring, and we relish our time spent there.

The feature that first attracted me to the park is a huge piece of artificial rock for bouldering! Yes, you can find walls in an HDB estate for a session of proper bouldering!. The rock is slightly inclined to one side, giving it varying difficulty levels.

bedok south

Equipements here are more suited for bigger kids say five years old and above.

In case you are keen to either explore the rock wall or the playground, it is located beside Block 15 Bedok South Road.

Do you have any unique playground to recommend? Please let me know.


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