Our Favourites – Baby Skincare

I am sharing a collage of skincare items that I use on my babies daily.

baby skincare

1. Aveeno Baby (No Tears) Wash & Shampoo*

I like that it is paraben-free, soap-free and leaves an amazing scent after a bath. One of the key ingredients in this formula is the oat extract which my paediatrician recommended years ago to treat my elder daughter’s eczema. It has a thick, creamy and silky texture. A little goes a long way.

2. Desitin Rapid Relief Cream*

We have been using this since our firstborn, again, as recommended by our paediatrician. The cream gives immediate relief to the irritation from our babies’ nappy rash. Because it forms a protective barrier on the skin, our babies’ blistered bums heal rapidly from the rashes. I recently discovered that the cream comes in a tub as well as the usual tube we see in the pharmacies. Using the tub makes a great deal of sense to me in terms of price, wastage control and it is environmentally friendlier. Nonetheless, I will still keep a small tube in my baby travel bag.

See post by Desitin on Identifying Diaper Rash.

3. doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been one of my essential skin-care items for years. It works well as a moisturiser that is without preservatives and petrochemical and has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. I use the same product on my children and babies, as a form of barrier to prevent nappy rash, hair care, moisturiser and carrier for essential oil. Order here at wholesale price.

4. doTERRA Essential Oil

There are a few key essential oils that I use on a daily basis on my babies.

Lavender Other than soothing irritated skin on their bums, I use the lavender essential oil to get them ready for sleep after their evening bath.  I personally use it for my eczema and lighten scars left by the eczema irritations. Order at wholesale price here.

Sandalwood I use this for the same purpose as lavender, but a more potent and pricier version. On sizzling days, eczema flares up on my babies’ cheeks. I apply sandalwood essential oil on their cheeks and seal it up with a layer of paraffin wax to keep the rashes under control

On occasions when this concoction doesn’t work, I resort to applying Fungicort, as prescribed by our paediatrician to prevent the rashes. Although Fungicort is the most effective medication, it contains steroids and thins the skin. Even our paediatrician cautioned us not to apply the cream for more than 5 consecutive days. This is why I rely on essential oil and paraffin wax most of the time.Order here.

Breathe I use this heavily on my babies, my son and myself. This is a blend that helps to clear our airways and enhances easy breathing. Order at wholesale price here.

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5. Yu Yee Oil

A must-have recommendation by all grandmas to calm a child’s upset tummy and release wind from his/her abdomen. While there is no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of this tradition ointment, it has worked very well for my 4 children and often help to calm down their grouchy tummies.

6. BPA-free Silicon Banana Baby Toothbrush

I started brushing my babies’ gums and tongue after they turned 4-month old, especially on their tongue to dislodge milk residue and bacteria from their tongue.


What is your favourite baby care item?