Discovering Playgrounds in Punggol – 673 Edgefield Plains

It was National Day. We wanted to do something fun before settling down to watch the NDP parade from the comfort of our sitting room. So we did what we love most – go to a playground! We decided to be more adventurous and not go to our usual East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park. Gardens by the Bay was also a no-go on the National Day. So I did some research and we ventured to Punggol!

The uninformed me does not know that Punggol has lots of fabulous play areas that can satisfy the young and old. The cluster of playgrounds that we went to was in the vicinity of Block 673A Edgefield Plains, consisting of 3 play areas suitable for toddlers and big kids like me!

Block 673A Edgefield Plains

The vertical wave is the focal point here and it is located right beside the Punggol Waterway. The structure is challenging to those afraid of heights, even though there is almost no risk of falling off because both sides of the wave are protected by sturdy safety nets. Other than entering from the bottom right and left, there are options to enter the structure using some rock climbing tiles attached to the exterior of the net, or exit by sliding down the fireman pole.

Edgefield Plains

Trampoline for the young at heart.

Punggol Waterway
Punggol Waterway

Block 672 Edgefield Plains

Another playground at Block 672 is just a minute’s walk away. This playground looks suitable for toddlers to preschool children.

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Block 673 Edgefield Plains

Located on the other side (Block 673) is another exercise area for both young and the old.

I quickly snapped some pictures of the playground features before I kept my phone and started to try out the structures myself. Yah… I was more interested in the rock climbing structure. Haven’t tried an overhang for a long while, and nope, I did not conquer it.

For the curious,

I used my Samsung Galaxy Plus 8 to snap the photos, Charles and Keith sling wallet to keep my hands-free for play!

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