Children books for building resilience

One of the values I hope to inculcate in my children has always been resilience. It is basically the mental strength to recover from setbacks and the persistence to try again thereafter. The setback can be anything such as failure, criticism, sickness, death, failed relationship or even family violence.

Other than nagging at my children regularly to recover from small little setbacks they face in their daily lives, and setting a positive example myself (hopefully I am…), I also appreciate children books that help to instil such a value in them.

I am dedicating this post to children books with storylines that revolve around the concept of resilience. I have currently just 2 such books with me, but I will add in more as and when I discover more gems.

1. The Most Magnificient Thing by Ashley Spires’s

I find this book inspiring. A little girl, unnamed throughout the entire book, has a wonderful idea to make the most magnificent thing. But making the thing turns out to be more challenging than she expects. She tries again and again, agonising over how she can make the thing right. And finally, she succeeds. I pretty sure children can relate to her journey and perhaps remember her attempts when they are tackling some tough challenges too.

the most magnificent thing

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2. 让人头疼的作业

This is a great selection, especially for children like mine, who don’t like learning Chinese. The words are simple and yet cute and encouraging. The story is about a little bear who has difficulty completing his homework, procrastinates and keeps asking mummy for help. He finally found fun and satisfaction by completing the task himself.

You can find this at the National Library.

NLB Call Reference is Chinese YSY.

ISBN reference:  9787807606000


Hope you like my recommendations. Do check back this post once in a while for more suggested reads.

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One Reply to “Children books for building resilience”

  1. We have “The Most Magnificent Thing” and it is great to be able to reference when kids are having a hard time, because they understand the story and can then relate it to their own experience. Great post, looking forward to any new stuff you add 🙂 Thanks!