Play Court – The Outdoor Playground in Vivocity


We seldom visit playgrounds in the shopping malls simply because we don’t visit malls a lot. The regular one we visit for our grocery shopping doesn’t have a playground at all.  Thus it is not surprising that we have not been to the updated Playcourt located in level 2 of Vivocity. The only reason we discovered the revamped playground is because we went for lunch at Long John Sliver in Vivocity before our trip to Sentosa for the Megafun. See my earlier post on Mega Fun at Sentosa and Palawan Pirate Ship.

Play Court

I am pretty impressed by the variety of play structures available to children from toddlers to big kids. I must say it looks engaging and my children and nephew had a good 20 minutes work-out before we left for Sentosa.


There are a couple of trampolines available for group or solo play.
This structure is for the big kids. My 6 year old daughter is not sufficiently tall to get up the upper level via the ladders.

Mega slide which my nephew and daughter said is a must-try even though it was going to get their butts wet. It was raining earlier in the morning.

Play Court

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