Generating Passive Income – Do I have enough? How much do I have to put in?

passive income

I was inspired to write this short post after meeting up with my good friends earlier this week. Because I am now a full-time mother, I grumbled about my lack of income and expressed my hope to somehow generate some passive income while at home. With some recurring passive income, I can spend on my family and on other frivolous items like shoes and makeup. I also need to save up for retirement, i.e. my financial independence.

My girlfriends and I discussed whether my existing investments in stocks can generate a sufficient income for me to spend on. The answer is no.

I am not going to tell everyone online how much I have (not sufficient for sure, that is why I am grumbling), but I will show how I calculated the sums.

Aside, blogging is fun. I have my own space to share whatever I think is relevant to people I care for. I may periodically be inspired to write some finance-related posts for my friends who have little finance background. To my friends from the banking and finance sector, please go read the Motley Fool instead.

My Very Simplistic Calculation

To achieve $3,000 dividend income a month...

Let’s assume I need $3,000 monthly today to spend on and to accumulate savings.  I also assume a ball-park dividend rate of 5%. Why 5%? That is because the dividend rate of the blue-chips counters that I like ranges between 4% to 6%. So, to get a monthly dividend income of $3,000 or $36,000 a year, I need to hold $720,000 worth of blue-chips counters in my pocket…

Or we can look at it this way.

If I have $100,000 cash in my pocket ...

I put all the money into blue-chips investment at 5% dividend rate, I will earn dividend income of $5,000 per year or $416 per month.... And by the way, I presume no one in their right frame of mind will put 100% of their cash holdings in stocks and shares...

Time to source for other forms of passive income!


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