Imaginarium 2017 in the Singapore Art Museum: To the Ends of the Earth

It was only early afternoon after we finished our tour of the Mint Museum of Toys. The kids didn’t want to go home and asked for more programs. Since we were near City Hall MRT, I thought the next best place to bring them to (for the free admission and the air-conditioning, haha) was the Singapore Art Museum (SAM).

From 6 May 2017 to 27 August 2017, SAM hosts the 7th edition of the family-focused Imaginarium exhibition. I brought my 2 children to the earlier exhibition in 2015 and remember it was pretty interesting.Imaginarium

Imaginarium 2017: To the Ends of the Earth

The exhibition is housed in 8Q (8 Queen Street) which is located just beside SAM’s main building. In this edition, the exhibition takes a closer look at our environment.

On the 1st floor

Lie of the Land

Metal bombshells found in Laos have been repurposed as planters filled with ferns, showcasing human’s adaptability and resilience. The kids were certainly impressed by the bombshells and could not believe that a real detonated bombshell was right in front of them.


Lizard Tail

Lizard is known for its ability to shed its tail when facing danger. The artist makes use of this metaphor to share tales of adaptability.

lizard tail

On the 2nd floor

The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn

The Tree is inspired by the old trees along Singapore’s East Coast Park and is made of newspapers coloured with natural
dyes such as henna, turmeric and coffee.

The Unborn, on the wall, comprises of seeds and pods primarily from pine and cypress trees.

the tree


My Wonderful Dream

The artist imagines borderless lands where people recognise the similarities rather than differences within each culture.

my wonderful dream


In Wanderland, bulb-like hangings, teepee tents, textile birds evoke imagination of the natural environment.

On the 3rd floor

Floating Mountain

The artist Unchalee has in her dreams jumped from a floating mountain into an azure of blue sea.


LICENSE2DRAW revolves around the internet’s ability to instantly connect people around the world. This robotic drawing machine can be operated via the L2D app. This app can be downloaded into mobile phones and in turn, allow LICENSE2DRAW to be accessed and activated from any part of the world. This demonstrates how our once vast and uncharted world is now so easily accessible with just once click.

For the children, this exhibit is the highlight because they now get to control the drawing machine!


The trip was a great visual experience for the kids, even though they could not fully appreciate the meaning behind the exhibits. Will be great if there are more interactive experiences.

Admission for Singaporeans and PRs is free. Please remember to bring allow your ID / student pass to ensure free entrance.


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