We saw dinosaur fossils in the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

After visiting the DinoRobot Factory, we decided to continue with the dinosaur theme and went to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum located in NUS.

Getting there

This time round, it was 3 kids and 1 adult. My 2 elder ones plus  a my nephew. This is another long trip for us to travel from the east of Singapore to the west, right after our trip to the Science Centre last week. We took the train to Buona Vista and had our lunch in the StarVista Mall.  Next, we transferred to bus 95 and enter NUS via the NUH entrance. We alighted at the Yusof Ishak House and walked and 5 minutes to reach the museum.

Another way to get there using public transport is via MRT to Clementi and transfer to bus 96 to alight at the museum’s doorstep.

There is currently a package for admission. 1 adult and 1 kid cost $20, as compared to the usual charges of $9 for one child and $16 for an adult. These rates are applicable to Singaporeans and PRs.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The exhibition gallery of the museum is divided into 2 floors with a strong emphasis on Southeast Asian plants and animals.

Plants Zone

We were greeted at the entrance by a life-size Rafflesia, a type of flower found only in tropical forest of Southeast Asia. We can go Cameron Highlands, book a hiking tour to search for this rare flower that blooms only for a short while.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Lee Kong Chian Natural Hisotry Museum
Display of the various wood cellular structure such as the durian tree
Dinosaur Zone

I believe the 3 Diplodocus fossils which originated from the United States are the highlights of the museum for now.

Lee Kong Chian Natural Hisotry Museum
3 different types of sauropods discovered in the United States
light and sound show every 30 minutes

dinosaurYears ago, we brought our 2 elder ones to the Australian Museum because my son loves dinosaurs. Unfortunately he wasn’t prepared to appreciate the gigantic fossil structures. It was simply too humongous and terrifying for him. Today, he is ready. The camera-shy him actually requested to take photos with the dinosaurs!dinosaur

Reptiles and Amphibians Zones

Because the sight of reptiles and amphibians give me chills, I did not take any photos of frogs, lizards, etc…

Mammal Zones
Marine Zone
Interactive media which enhances the children’s discovery journey
Lee Kong Chian Natural Hisotry Museum
Carrion of a dolphin found along the East Coast beach on display to raise awareness of the marine diversity in Singapore
Heritage Gallery

The museum also makes an effort to highlight conservation efforts in Singapore and explain the effects of pollution and indiscriminate fishing.

While I prefer to go for free museum visits, the tickets paid are pretty worthwhile in the absence of opportunity to visit similar or more majestic museums overseas. My favorite is the Natural History Museum in London, and admission is free!

For young children who are dinosaur lovers, they can also learn more about dinosaurs from Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, available in Youtube. Some parts of the episodes are also filmed in the London’s Natural History Museum.

On second thought, children below 5 may not be able to appreciate the beauty of the exhibition. My 6-year old daughter was there too but I don’t think she appreciates the exhibits as much as her brother.

See my earlier post on the DinoRobot Factory in the Science Centre.

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is located in the Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore.

2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377

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