We visited the DinoRobot Factory in the Singapore Science Centre

Brought the boys to the Science Centre for the DinoRobot Factory. Not to confuse anyone here as I have friends asking how many children I actually have after my Instagram post mentioned “the boys”. The boys are my son and my nephew.

This is a travelling exhibit from Japan curated for children up to 12 years old.

dinorobot factoryThe Factory walks the children through the various steps in making a robot dinosaur. Of course, the details are spared.

Station 1

Design a dinosaur in the data room.

dinorobot factory

Station 2

Assemble the dinosaur skeleton parts.

dinorobot factoryStation 3

Make the dinosaur moves

Station 4

Assemble the dinosaur skin parts on to the dinosaur skeleton.

Station 5

Watch the dinosaur eyes following you, facilitated by Kinect Sensor.  Other exhibits on display

1. Stegosaurus 2. T-rex3. Sand area for the kids to be a paleontologist 4. Mini-Omni Theatre

The organizer has also set up a mini-Omni theater which screens a 15-minute long 3D animation to bring the children along a dinosaur adventure.


The DinoRobot Factory is located in the Science Centre Annex.

Address is 15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081.

How we got there.

We took a train to Jurong East Station.  From there, we transferred to bus 66 and alighted after 2 bus stops.

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  1. Good teamwork and great work by the boys. Cheers!