We borrowed so many Amelia Bedelia books

One night, we read our first Amelia Bedelia book and my children roared with laughter. I have not seen them laughing so hysterically after reading a book before. As a result, we borrowed more (or too many) during our subsequent library trip.

Presenting my children’s favorite section from the Storybook Treasury, suitable for age 9 to 12 (according to book depository)

Amelia Storybook Treasury
Title: Calling Doctor

Amelia helped out in a clinic one day and attended to the phone calls.

Book excerpt

“Dr Horton’s office,” said Amelia Bedelia.

“I have a problem,’ said a man.

“I am a little hoarse.”

“A little horse? Hah!” said Amelia Bedelia.

“You can’t fool me. A pony can’t talk.”

“I have a frog in my throat,” the man croaked.

“Yuck!” said Amelia Bedelia.

“Spit it out!”

“Listen to me,” he said.

“I’m as sick as a dog.”

“Make up your mind,” said Amelia Bedelia.

“Pony, frog, or dog? Maybe you should call a vet.”

“I am coming down there,” he said, and hung up.

A few more classic excerpts –

“I hear a ringing in my ears.”

“A ringing? Maybe you should answer the doorbell.”

~ ~ ~

“My nose hurts, on the bridge.”

“Well, get off that bridge!”

There are also other books suitable for younger children.

I Can Read (Level 2)

Equally funny and suitable for children age 6 to 8.

Amelia Rocket Scientist

I Can Read (Level 1)

Suitable for children up to 5 years old.  Stories in Level 1 revolve around Amelia in her childhood days. While there are many word mix-ups, the stories are not as funny as the Level 2 ones. Nonetheless, still a good read for the little ones.

I would certainly recommend the Amelia Bedelia series to help make learning English more enjoyable.

To borrow from the National Library Board, call reference is J S PAR (Junior Section).

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