Book recommendation: Busy Wheels Series (in Chinese)

Busy Wheel Series in Chinese

I mentioned previously that my children never like Mandarin. While it is hard to get them interested in reading Chinese or even watching a Chinese cartoon, I also find difficulty in finding Chinese books that will interest them. Perhaps it’s mummy’s attitude towards reading Chinese literature in the first place…

We recently borrowed 2 Chinese books from NLB that my son is infatuated with, because these are vehicle books with cute pictures and superhero storylines. I did some quick research on these books and discovered that the original publications are in English.

Sharing these books with my friends here.

1. Monster Truck Mountain Rescue (巨轮卡车)

This book is about a monster truck driver who performs monster truck driving tricks such as flying over rows of cars. The brave driver subsequently made good use of his driving skills and saved a climber trapped in the mountains.


busy wheels monster trucks

2. Police Car On Patrol (警车)

The book is about the exciting pursuit of a thief who specializes in stealing fish paintings.  Police cars and police helicopter are activated to go after the thief.


For both books, NLB Call Number is Chinese BEN.

Location: Junior Lending Picture Book

The Busy Wheel Series has also include other stories related to ambulances, fire engines and other rescue vehicles. The books are suitable for children aged 4 to 8. For independent reading, perhaps the 7 or 8-year olds can do it.

You can also purchase the English versions here:

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