We corrected our youngest daughter’s folded ear.

I guess it is a case of overcrowding in the uterus as I conceived a pair of twins. My youngest daughter’s left ear was folded at birth. While this is merely a cosmetic abnormality and does not affect her hearing ability, paying no attention to it may affect my child’s emotional development. Note I am not providing any image of her affected ear here to respect her privacy. Though it was not a hideous-looking ear, I cannot anticipate her reaction when she reads this post in the future. Our paediatrician advised monitoring her ear development during the first week of her life. There are instances where the ear shape will self-correct, however, no one can tell when and whether this will actually happen. In our case, nothing happened after 1 week from birth.

Our paediatrician recommended our daughter to undergo the ear correction therapy from EarWell that is said to have a 90% success rate for newborns.

Source: Cornell Chronicles

The Therapy

It was a simple non-invasive procedure by attaching an ear mould to the folded ear for 1 month. The mould is made of a silicone-like material and includes a cradle base, 2 smaller parts to be placed onto the ear and a cover to ensure that the small parts stay in place.  I just had to ensure that the ear mould does not get wet, or dirtied by sweat and vomit. The only sacrifice made other than treatment cost was shaving off her hair near to the ear. This is to ensure the mould is securely attached to the skin behind her ear rather than on her hair.

According to the specialists, this apparatus is a pretty recent invention and is a godsend. In the past, children needed to go through invasive and expensive surgeries, making use of their own rib cartilage to improve the shape of their deformed ears. The current procedure is a far-cry from what was needed.

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The doctor removed the mould 2 weeks ago and my daughter’s ear now looks prettier.

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