Pregnancy Week 33 – asthma and rashes

Feeling so lethargic and in pain these days, I am in no mood for blog writing. Perhaps it’s my nesting instinct or a year-end syndrome, I spent most of my energetic hours tidying up the kids’ stuff and preparing for my son’s Primary 1 adventure. Since I am going to have 4 children onboard, I really need to improve my home organisation skills.

The twins are still small at 1.67 kg each. They need to weigh a minimum of 2 kg to avoid admission into the neonatal ward. With 4 more weeks to my scheduled caesarian, they need to gain at least 100 grammes a week. This seems achievable bearing unforeseen circumstances. As for myself, I have gained about 9 kg (including the babies’ weight) since conception. This is low according to American pregnancy literature which encourages weight gain of 18 kg for a mother of twins, failing which the foetus may face the risk of premature birth. I told my gynae what I have read and he advised me to ignore the readings. As Asian, our body is different from the Caucasians.

Something New For Me – Asthma and Rashes

Before today, I was increasingly paranoid about the well being of the twins. I suffered from recurring asthma attacks over the past 2 weeks as a result of a cooling and windy weather. 23°C is considered as cold in Singapore.  There were a few occasions where I had breathing difficulties even after using the inhaler. I read from the internet that mummies with existing asthma condition can possibly suffer from worsened asthma attacks during her third trimester. Uncontrolled asthma can possibly reduce oxygen flow to the twins and thus hinder their growth. My weight gain over the past weeks was slow and contractions were frequent – once every an hour. To add on to my sufferings, the coughings caused an overuse of my chest muscles, resulting in days of chest pain and near immobility.

All these simply add up to my paranoia and irritation. This morning, I went for the ultrasound scan and CTG (for checking my level of contractions) and had the reassurance from my gynae that the babies are doing fine. I am not going to pop anytime soon too.

Another irritant that continues to bother me is the ever itching tummy that is already bigger than previous 2 full term tummies. No amount of moisturiser and oil treatment worked. Even rashes are developing on the tummy! I would wake up every night from either asthma attacks or itching tummies.

I know these are just temporary inconveniences, but I am hoping that they will ease or even cease over the rest of my pregnancy term.