Preparing for the twins’ arrival – equipment list to share

While this is not our first pregnancy, there are a number of items such as newborn clothing which we have either thrown or given away. I have consolidated a list of essential items required by newborns to share here. As I am having twins, many of the requirements are doubled.

checklist for twins

A) Feeding


Nursing bra (x6)

Nursing pads (1 box)

– Hands-free Medela Electric Pump & Parts

A must-have item for me for successful breastfeeding. See my earlier post here on my breastfeeding experience.

I need to replace the parts which have turned yellow since my last use 5 years ago,

– breast milk storage bags (1 box)

If you are freezing the breast milk for future use, lay the bags flat to freeze. This will help reduce space taken up and deep freezing the milk can increase storage life to 6 months,

Bottle feeding

milk bottles & teats (2 x 2 sets)


Not buying a new one as my Philip Avent Sterilizer (an older model) is still in working condition

burp cloths

milk warmer (2 sets)

1 small tin of milk powder to standby.

I intend to breastfeed the twins. But in case I get freaked out by low milk supply in the initial weeks, I can fall back on milk powder. Frankly, this is to manage my own anxiety. I can’t afford to fall into depression because of low milk supply which I did slightly after my first child was born.

B) Sleeping

Cot (x1)

even for twins. They can co-sleep for 4 months till they can turn and lay on their tummy. Co-sleeping gives twin additional comfort as they have been growing together in mummy’s tummy for 9 months,

Will have to sort out the household logistic matters before buying the second cot.

Bed sheets (x2)

Swaddles (2×3)

better to get extras in case they poop on the swaddles,

I am getting better quality swaddles that can also be used as blankets and comforters as they grow older. My daughter chewed on her swaddle till about she was around 2 years old. This is a better choice for chewing since it can be washed. Whereas my son chewed on his pillow, which was an obvious hygiene issue since the pillow can trap dust mite and trigger asthma… Yes, he suffers from asthma attacks, like me.

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C) Clothing

Sleepsuits (2×3)

Front-tied cotton top and pant sets for the 1st month (2×6)

Newborn clothes get soiled very easily due to the babies frequent pooping and even vomiting from reflux. I easily needed 2 to 3 sets of clothing for my daughter in a day when she was very small due to her acid reflux.

But it can be really costly to purchase organic or very comfortable bamboo-fibre cotton sets in Singapore. Thus I have recently gone to Taobao to purchase 12 new bamboo-fibre sets for the twins.

So where are the siblings’ hand-me-down? Mostly given or thrown away…. we had difficulties removing the yellow milk stains from most of the newborn clothes and we wouldn’t use bleach on baby clothing.  Another reason not to overspend on these… Thank goodness I managed to obtain more old clothing from my friends and relatives.

mittens (2×5)

booties (2×3)

beanies (2×1)

D) Hygiene

Detergent and brushing for washing milk bottles and breast pump

Laundry detergent

Bath towels (2×2)

Changing mat (x1)

Especially if you intend to change your baby’s diaper on the bed instead of on the changing station because babies’ poop can get smeared all over and even up their back!!!

Baby bathtub (x1)

Bath soup (x1)

Washcloth (2×3)

Baby wipes and diapers

Buy in bulk, it’s cheaper. 1 baby can use 8 diapers a day, 16 for my case. Start with the cheaper ones and if there is no diaper rash outbreak, great. Otherwise, upgrade to a more premium version. We spent quite a bit on diapers previously as we had to upgrade from Drypers to Pampers. I am so determined to breastfeed to save more monies.

Cotton Wool Balls to wipe the babies’ eyes during bath time.

Nappy cream / oil

I used lots of Destin for my first 2 kids to avert diaper rash. Ever since I embarked on a healthier than ever lifestyle, I apply mostly natural products on my children. Instead of moisturizer, I am now using sweet almond oil mixed with lemon essential oil on them. Lemon helps to brighten the skin. Thus instead of Destin,  I will try a concoction of one drop of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil on their buttocks. Both ingredients are antimicrobial. If the rashes are serious, I will have to fall back on Destin.

As of 6 August 2017, I am using coconut oil and lavender essential oil to soothe the babies’ skin. However, I am still applying Destin as a second layer to prevent diaper rash. This combination works for me unless we take too long to change the babies’ filthy diapers. Drop me a note here if you wish to purchase the Doterra essential oil.

E) Playtime / Travelling

Baby rocker (x2)

Playmat (x1)

Prams / Strollers (x2)

We are not getting a double or tandem here. We have seen so many parents with doubles or tandems having trouble to get into lifts or up the escalator. I believe maintaining 2 separate strollers will give us more flexibility.

Toys for newborns

For bottle-fed baby: thermal flask for hot water and milk powder container

We have been sticking to the Zojirushi brand for years for its reliability. Hot food/liquid can stay warm in the flask overnight, unlike some other brands we tried recently which cools within a couple of hours.

Car seats (x2)

We need a bigger car….

F) Others


It’s really important. Get a good one, like a Braun that can last for a couple of years. Babies/toddlers fall sick all the time. als

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Please feel free to let me know if I have missed out anything crucial or if you have any questions.

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