Pregnancy Week 30 – An Update

Week 30 update

week 30

I am now at week 30 and my tummy feels like it’s exploding any time. I had this similar frustration after week 35 previously. However I have since conception put on just over 7 kg even though I am looking like I am in my 38th week according to my previous experience. My gynae reassured me that there is nothing to worry about since the babies are growing well. Weight gain will speed up in the last trimester and I seem to be experiencing it now. Other minor complaints include hair loss, itchy tummy (thank goodness – no stretch mark), sleepless nights, asthma attacks, heavy perspiration and pain in the leg.

My contractions are regular, at least 10 times a day since my first trimester. The contractions have been a cause of concern for my gynae. In my earlier pregnancies, my contractions started at about 20 weeks, earlier than other mummies too. Given my condition since hospitalisation, I am prescribed with Ventolin to control the contraction. My daily medication (excluding supplements) also includes Duphaston and Crinone.

My bi-weekly visit to the gynae now includes not just ultra-sound to track the babies’ growth, but also my cervical length.

The gynae tracks the babies’ growth mainly via measuring thigh length, head diameter and circumference , as well as weight. He no longer measures the babies’ head-to-rump length as they have grown too big to be captured within the ultrasound screen. I have mentioned previously that monochronic twins risk TTTS (click here to go to my earlier blog) and thus may face uneven growth. I am happy to report that they are currently growing evenly and weigh about 1.1kg each.

Cervical length is also something that the doctor will track going forward given the twins often face premature birth. My cervical length is currently 32cm (it was 34 cm 2 weeks ago). I will be given another bed rest order once my cervical length is lesser than 29 cm.