My attempt to get my children to like Mandarin a little more (printable flashcards to share)

Like most parents in Singapore, I have difficulties getting my children to work on their mother tongue, Mandarin. They hate it. No.1 and No.2 are now in K2 and K1. No. 1 dreads his 听写 while No.2 says no to Chinese cartoons. “Yucks!”, she exclaims.

Writing seems to be the trickiest issue here. Some children continue to retain their messy strokes even as they grow older, i.e the strokes are not written in the order as supposed to. “口” is written in a single stroke. Omg…

I have been procrastinating for a while and have finally completed my first set of mini flashcards for sight words and often used words. While I bought the flashcards for English sight words from a local bookshop, I never get to find any Chinese ones. The intent here is to get him to recognise words and form sentences. Hanyu Pinyu is also included as it is part of his syllabus in his preschool, though I don’t put much emphasis to them. As for writing? Maybe later… one hurdle at a time.

I have referred to a K2 应用文syllabus and have also included some of No.1’s favourite words per his request.

I am now sharing this with mummies and daddies facing the same problem.

Printable Chinese Flashcard


How to use these flashcards:-
  1. Print out these cards and cut along the lines.
  2. If you wish to preserve the cards’ longevity, you can glue the sheets to a cardboard before cutting before laminating each piece as a last step. I will be doing this to preserve the cards for the twins.
  3. Use the cards to form sentences.

No.1 is looking forward to make funny sentences with these Chinese cards. That was how I got him to start on the English ones.

Hope these printables will be useful to you too.