9 ways of making meaningful use of my time during bed rest

I was put on strict bed rest in week 11 because of my severe bleeding. This means I had to lie down flat on the bed at all times. Walking was strictly reserved for the bathroom and having my shower became the highlight of the day.

Frankly, I didn’t know how to spend my time for the first two months of bedrest, but I manage followings to counter boredom and use my time more meaningfully.

bed rest


Week 14 to Week 18 – strict bed rest

1. Bed exercises such as leg lifts (front and side), one leg each time to avoid straining the tummy. Pregnant women aren’t supposed to carry out strenuous core exercises.), so I only did arm lifts with weights, Kegels, and limbs rotations. Bed exercises became important to me while I was on strict bed rest. Lying on the bed all day long resulted in recurring splitting headaches and bed exercises helped to ward them off. I questioned how I could survive through my remaining pregnancy journey if I need to go tolerate this every single day.

2. Books were my next best friends. Thank goodness the National Library Board allows members to reserve books online. My hubby picked up the books for me. I read a number of parenting books and just a novel. by then, I realized I have no interest in novels in my current state of mind, perhaps due to the hormonal changes in my body.

3. My mobile phone. Pin-interest, Facebook, Instagram and games. These apps helped me spent my lazy days mindlessly.

4. I regret not knowing of free online courses which I could have taken. There are actually FREE courses provided by Udemy that could have helped me utilize my time on the bed on fruitfully.  While coverage is basic, I could have learned basic computing or photography fundamental for free while lying on the bed.

5. My 2 kids continued to entertain me with their “mummy, can you play with me?” requests after their day care. While I couldn’t sit up much, they accommodated my condition by playing board and card games with me on the bed, with academic practices here and there too.

I tried some light cooking but could not, as I got fainting spells within 5 minutes.

Week 19 onwards – partial bed rest – better use of time

As I moved on to partial bed rest, I wrote a list of tasks to complete before I deliver. I came out with more than 10 projects, many of which can be achieved on the bed. I felt a rush of adrenaline and decided that life on the bed will no more be boring anymore.

So what else did I do?

1. Sorted out our family insurance and financial situation.

2. Completed a number of photo albums to be sent for printing. That took me weeks as it was 5 years worth of pictures that I didn’t have the time to arrange earlier. 

3. Selling preloved items on Carousel.

4. Embark on a new adventure, that is learning to blog! My, countless of skills and apps I need to learn in order to set up a blog. But at least I can learn and blog on the bed! That’s what I am doing this very minute!

I will be on strict bed rest again in a few weeks’ time. Reckon it’ll start around week 30-32. Hopefully, this blog will be up and running by then.

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